'A Matter of Respect'

Álvaro Serrano:

Those of you who have been following the Samantha Bielefeld saga may already know that a few days ago, new information was made public that caused many people, myself included, to question our role in this whole thing.

It appears — at this point I consider it proven — that Samantha Bielefeld’s real identity is actually a man named Victor Wynn Johnson. Not only that, but this man has been accused of being a pathological liar and a conman in the past, long before Samantha ever entered the picture.

For obvious reasons, that has some very important implications.

A very concise piece that gives a relatively clear rundown on the clusterfuck as it has panned out. The trouble with what's come to light in this situation is that so much has been said in numerous tangential Twitter conversation threads. It's nearly impossible to map them all out, and truly highlights the limitations of the platform. If I hadn't been paying close attention to it all for the last week, I would feel hopelessly lost. Serrano does an admirable job keeping it digestible.

Could I have written more about this? Sure. I'm not entirely sure that's the route I want to take. The whole situation is gross. Many members of the community acted out in bizarre and frustrating ways. People were taken advantage of. Their wallets were impacted, sure, but the trust that has been eroded is even more damaging.