Xbox One Update Brings Universal Controller Settings

Okay, yeah, the New Xbox One Experience is here and it's fast. So fast. Crazy super fast. Wow. Much speed.

And, yeah, there's backwards compatibility with selected Xbox 360 titles, which is totally... Like... Whatever. It's there. If you're into it, yay, you'll be excited and what not. (Aside: I did try Mirror's Edge this weekend and it runs exactly as it did on the 360, so thumbs up there.)

Turns out that the best part of this update is tucked away into a little settings panel: universal controller settings. Which means I can finally tell my Xbox that never under any circumstances do I ever want to play a game without an inverted Y-axis. If you don't invert your Y-axis, I hate you and we can't be friends.

This was the one key feature that I was completely baffled that Microsoft didn't carry over from the 360, so I'm very happy that it's back. It seems like such a small thing, sure, but few things are more furstrating than starting a brand new game, pressing down on the thumbstick, only to have my character's dumb face look directly at the ground.