MST3K's New Host

You've probably heard that Joel is trying to bring back MST3K, which is pretty cool. The Kickstarter, of course, hit its minimum goal in less than a week, and still has 24 days left to reach its remaining stretch goals. Good news all around.

And then Joel decided to drop a bomb: they're bringing on a new host for the revival.

I like Joel episodes of MST3K, but I'm firmly in the Team Mike camp. My only real hesitation about this revival (aside from Tom's new voice) was the idea that it'd be Joel back in the seat. I'm digging the thought of him standing back and letting someone new take over and make it their own. Very interested to see if Jonah will be able to differentiate himself enough from the other two.

If not, I guess I can always just buy the classic episodes off of Rifftrax.