T-Mobile Announces "Binge On" Unlimited Streaming

Klint Finley, Wired:

T-Mobile will allow customers to stream unlimited amounts of video from select partners without having those streams count against their data limits starting this Sunday, CEO John Legere said today. At launch, the service will include 24 different partners, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and SlingTV. (YouTube was conspicuously absent.)

The company also said it will double the data limits for all of its plans and will offer its customers 30 percent off Sling TV service.

That’s great news for Netflix junkies on the go, or for low-income customers on a budget. But with new federal regulations in place to ensure a more open Internet, T-Mobile’s new offering could also face greater scrutiny.

I truly do hope that this decision does face greater scrutiny. I like T-Mobile, and I respect the hell out of them for taking proactive steps to undermine their competitors and do things differently, but I stand by my previous thoughts. This is a huge net neutrality issue (even if Charles doesn't see it that way), and though it's looking good for consumers for now, that doesn't mean we should set the precedence and let it go unchecked. We don't know what T-Mobile will look like as a company years down the road, and we don't know how other, blatantly shittier companies will take advantage of this in more nefarious ways.

I want to continue liking John Legere, but he seems hilariously out of touch in this situation, which is extremely frustrating. He wants to shake up the industry, but he doesn't understand why it's so broken in the first place.