Short Film of London Shot in 4K Entirely on an iPhone 6s

Gorgeous. Though I am, admittedly, a sucker for nearly any video that contains the following:

  1. Slow pans over a timelapsed cityscape.
  2. The subtle beauty of nature seamlessly infused with a bustling concrete jungle.
  3. A deliberate, inspiring soundtrack that quietly surges beneath the minimalism of a piano until that pivotal moment of climax, leaving you breathless as the staccato beats of the drums punctuatue the swelling strings, beckoning a sense of wonderment and euphoria, until it releases, fading, melting into the ether as you consider how beautiful the world is, how good this life could be, the unsung beauty of our fleeting existence you couldn't appreciate until this very second. How would life be different if you had made different choices? Maybe it's time to leave the city and go find a cabin somewhere in the woods. Immerse yourself in the world. Live off the land. Work for no one other than yourself ever again for the rest of your days, and everything will just be absolutely perfect. You will finally be truly happy.

That iPhone 6s sure shoots nice video. The detail is incredible.