'Apple Declines Offer to Sell Adele's Upcoming Album '25' in Apple Stores'

Mitchel Broussard, writing for MacRumors:

Apple has reportedly declined an offer made by the British singer-songwriter Adele to stock her newest album, 25, in Apple retail stores (via The Daily Mail). Meanwhile, the singer's agents at William Morris Endeavor -- a talent agency -- have pitched the Cupertino company on a possible $30 million tour sponsorship after the album debuts on November 20. It's not currently clear where the status of that offer is with Apple.

Digital exclusivity and promotion on Apple's music services? Totally get it. Wouldn't even bat an eye if they sold cards with codes for the iTunes version of the album, like with The Beatles.

Pitching the sale of physical copies in an Apple Store, though? Not sure why anyone thought that would be a good idea. How would you listen to it? Apple sells exactly one device with an optical drive now (and for how much longer, who the hell knows?), and something tells me Adele's not going to cause a rush on $1,099 13" MacBook Pros. Anyone who takes even a cursory glance at Apple's device lineup could see that this stratgy wouldn't be the best fit.