'I Don't Care if Star Wars Battlefront is Good'

Ben Kuchera, writing for Polygon:

There is an entire quagmire one can sink into separating the idea of entertainment that's "good" and that which is "enjoyable," and I'm going to avoid touching that one with a ten-foot pole while at the same time stating flatly that I don't give a monkey's butt if Star Wars Battlefront is "good." What I've played already is so enjoyable, and set in a world I love so much, that I'm nearly defenseless against what it's already doing well.

Couldn't agree more. I used to spend a lot of time getting hung up on trying to fit my tastes into what I thought was empirically "good," but I find so much more happiness and joy in things when I can just take them for what they are. There's a reason why I stopped trying to listen to Radiohead and embraced Kesha instead. You like what you like, and that's that.

DICE has given me a lot to like with the Star Wars Battlefront beta. I worried they were fighting a losing battle, given the absurdly negative feedback loop online communities such as Reddit fostered in response to previews of the game. Looking past that, though, what I played of Battlefront was solid. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I expect the full game to be as polished and focused on providing an immense amount of fun. That's the criteria I have for "good." Is it entertaining me? Yes? Awesome. I'm in.