Speaking of Mark Gurman's report on the new MacBook Air

Mark Gurman's report for 9to5Mac on the rumored 12" MacBook Air is an interesting read to be sure, but as I was going over it again, I couldn't help but notice something that pisses me off about tech journalism.

Referring to the claim that the new MacBook Air will have only a headphone jack and a USB Type-C connector, Gurman writes:

We must note that Apple tests several designs of upcoming products, so Apple may choose to ultimately release a new Air that does include the legacy components, though there is very little space on the edges for them.

This is such spineless reporting. You could basically make any claim you want at this point, but then add that disclaimer so if and when it turns out you're wrong, you can raise your hands in the air and say, "Oh, well, I said it was possible they wouldn't do this!"

Like this scoop I just got on the Apple Watch Edition: my sources tell me that the gold version of Apple's watch will allow the wearer to also turn nearby objects into pure gold. I should note, however, that Apple routinely dabbles in various forms of alchemy, and may ultimately choose to postpone the release of the Apple Watch Midas Edition.