Jason Snell's take on the 12" MacBook Air

Jason Snell, writing for Six Colors:

If Gurman’s reports are accurate, this new model pulls the MacBook Air line away from the MacBook Pro. In fact, it returns the MacBook Air to its roots—as a product full of choices that we consider crazy at first, because they’re out of step with conventional computer design, but that will appeal to a target audience that doesn’t actually care about those de rigueur features.

The MacBook Air quickly became my favorite Mac. When I was selling it to customers, I can't tell you how many times I had to talk people down from spending $1,500+ on a MacBook Pro and instead go for an Air. People couldn't believe that they could live without a DVD drive, or that a machine that is so thin and light could fulfill their business needs. I convinced so many people to buy Airs. I promised them they would love it, and if they didn't they should come back and find me personally.

Not a single person ever came back.

For me, the Air is the true Apple computer. It's willing to sacrifice things people think they need to create more elegant devices that their customers come to love for their elegance. I agree with Snell; if this machine is announced as Mark Gurman's report states, you can be sure it will be met with lamenting from the press and tech enthusiasts. Apple customers, on the other hand, will buy the shit out of it and soon forget what they needed USB ports for in the first place.