Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house to prove misogyny doesn't exist

Adi Robertson, writing for The Verge:

Since the project launched on Kickstarter way back in 2012, the gaming community has been treated to an incessant, deeply paranoid campaign against Tropes vs. Women generally and Sarkeesian personally. This includes a flood of violent comments and emails, videos documenting ways in which she’s not a “real gamer,” a game in which you can punch her in the face, and a proposed documentary devoted to exposing the “lies” and “campaign of misinformation” from what is, again, a collection of opinions about video games. Also, now, she’s apparently spent the night with friends after contacting law enforcement about “some very scary threats” against her and her family.


Look, I get it. She's painting a pretty ugly picture around your favorite (and historically male-dominated pastime), and, yeah, she seems to cherry-pick aspects and misrepresent certain games to help prove her point. That sucks. I don't like it when people manipulate facts to push forth their cause either.

However, under no circumstances is behavior like this acceptable. It makes your own arguments appear invalid, and it doesn't help drive any actual sort of discussion. If anything, it just further solidifies her original points, and builds support for her cause. If you disagree with someone, it's well within your rights to debate their views. It's never acceptable to threaten someone or their family because you don't like their Internet videos. Why is this even something that needs to be said?