Gold Galaxy S5 Commercial

This is old news, but Hulu keeps bludgeoning me with this commercial, so I felt like I had to point out how obnoxious it was.

This ad basically spells out everything that's wrong with Samsung and their products (specifically their mobile products). It shows just how little insight they have into what makes their competitor's products desirable. The gold Galaxy S5 was tacky to begin with (because cheap plastic painted gold will always be tacky), but overlay a cheesy pop song that is so goddamned on the nose about its message, and suddenly you have a company that is completely open about how tone deaf it is.

It amazes me that someone in their marketing department thought that this was a good idea. It shows an extreme lack of finesse from all levels, though, that you know this mentality indisputably runs through the veins of the entire company.

Watch at your own risk.