Bold Ambition & Our Core

From Satya Nadella's letter to Microsoft employees:

The day I took on my new role I said that our industry does not respect tradition – it only respects innovation. I also said that in order to accelerate our innovation, we must rediscover our soul – our unique core. We must all understand and embrace what only Microsoft can contribute to the world and how we can once again change the world. I consider the job before us to be bolder and more ambitious than anything we have ever done.

Not just business as usual for Microsoft. I really like Nadella's emphasis on being able to change and adapt. This is not Ballmer's Microsoft, and that's a great thing. You can't bury your head in the sand and expect to be on top forever.

I am eager to see how he shapes this company as time goes on. I know he claims there are no immediate changes to some of their device lines (Xbox, Surface, Windows Phone), but how long does that last? What does Nadella's Microsoft look like five years from now?

As an aside, the site they've designed around this letter looks great. Very indicative of current site designs in tech, but it's big, bold, and clear. I like this side of Microsoft.