Amazon Unveiling New Device on June 18th

If rumors are to be trusted, sounds like we may finally be seeing their "3D phone."

I won't lie. I am very curious to see what they've come up with. I know there's been a lot of negative press coming out of Gawker recently (really, Gawker, negative? I know. I'm very surprised, too) regarding Amazon's work environment. Despite all of that noise, though, Amazon is one of the most interesting companies in tech right now. The Fire TV looks pretty slick, and their ambition with different services and delivery methods (drones!) is impressive and forward-thinking. Not everything they do sticks, but it doesn't seem like they're just throwing shit at the wall either. I can't help but admire a company that strives to make the lives of their customers as easy as possible.

Regardless of how cool this phone is (if it really is a phone), though, they have an uphill battle to fight. Fit and finish and neat features alone won't sell devices. Just ask HTC and Nokia.