Vesper 2.0 and Vesper Sync

John Gruber announced today that Vesper 2.0 is available and includes their new syncing service, Vesper Sync. While it now acts as more of a backup for all of your notes, it'll work nicely when they launch their Mac version of Vesper (the other thing they announced today).

I am a huge fan of Vesper, and purchased it the moment it was available. It's a perfect example of an app done right: clear focus and objectives met without any superfluous fluff. It's fast, fluid, and intuitive. Also, beautiful.

There's no doubt in my mind it's worth the $4.99 asking price, and when you couple that with today's update (which you, of course, get for free if you previously purchased it)... Well, in the words of John Gruber himself: If you don't get this app, you're nuts.