Report: Apple planning iOS-controlled smart home automation platform for WWDC unveiling

Thinking about the possibilities with this. We always have our phones with us, so there's no question that this could be a really useful feature. I'm also interested in the idea that this is open to third-parties. Companies can focus on their areas of expertise, and consumers choose which areas of their homes are priorities for augmentation.

A couple of thoughts:

  • If such a thing as an iWatch is ever announced, it'd be great to have it automatically interface with locks, lights, thermostats, etc. Walk up to your door and it unlocks it; enter a room and it automatically turns on the lights; expecting friends? Notification tells you when they've arrived to your home, or who is in what room.
  • Again, if an iWatch exists, and it's as firmly entrenched in health tracking as we're thinking, it could be useful for alerting you to healthy food options you have in your refrigerator, per an app or device you've purchased for the sole reason of food tracking.
  • An iOS device could change the ambient light with the help of Hue bulb based on time of day, whether you're watching Netflix on your AppleTV, etc.

Those are the first things that spring to mind. I'm sure there'll be a huge market for this, with a ton of different devices available for your home.

iOS-controlled bidet, anyone?