Samsung is making a VR headset for its phones and tablets

From Engadget's new "What an Incredible and Innovative Idea That Couldn't Possibly Go Wrong in Any Sort of Way Because Samsung's History for Improving Upon Ideas With Their Own Superior Engineering and Design is Impeccable" section (which, let's take a second to address that title, guys, as it is a little overwrought and oddly specific):

We're told it has an OLED screen, as good or better than in the second Rift dev kit; it's not clear how the headset connects to your phone/tablet, but we're guessing it's a wired connection rather than wireless. Given VR's reliance on immediacy, a wired setup is a requirement (any lag introduced breaks the immersion, and often makes people sick).

In fairness, it wouldn't be the first time Samsung's products have made me sick. At least they're consistent.

All in all, I am very excited for the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Face Gear VR S.