Amplitude Kickstarter closes with $844K

Really pleased with how this turned out. They had me worried for a while. I love to see Kickstarter stories like this, where everything seems to come down to the wire.

It makes me so happy for Harmonix. Frequency was a great game, but Amplitude was one of my favorites of the Playstation 2 generation. Few games were as difficult, but it was always so rewarding nailing a perfect set on the hardest difficulties. I think this it was the title that really instilled the desire to become really good at certain video games. The technical skill involved in perfecting a track in Amplitude, expertly taking a corner in Forza, or barely scraping by one of the Expert tracks in Trials... It's exhilarating.

I can't wait for this to come out. Congrats to the Harmonix team!

Also, if you never played the original Amplitude, I'm sure you should be able to find some copies of it somewhere floating around the Internet. You may pay a premium, but it's worth it. It still works well on a PS3. I've tried.