GTA V's new first-person mode

Daniel Krupa, writing for IGN:

Off the bat, it retains the standard GTA 5 control scheme, but you can select from a variety of preconfigured control schemes so it feels more like a standard shooter. In fact, you can customise the experience a lot – you can vary the degree of aim assist, turn off ragdolling and the combat roll (after all, it might make some a bit queasy), and decide whether the game switches to third-person when taking cover. It’s versatile, too: it can be a full-on first-person experience, the same third-person experience you know, or a hybrid of the two.

This sounds brilliant. Leave it to Rockstar to go above and beyond in remastering a game for the new consoles. Personally, I can't wait to go through and play GTA V from the new perspective. The trailer makes it look incredible.