Retailers disabling NFC readers to block Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Dante D'Orazio, writing for The Verge:

Following Apple’s announcement last month, both Wal-Mart and Best Buy confirmed to The Wall Street Journal that customers would not be able to use the system in their stores. Earlier this week, a leaked internal memo from Rite Aid revealed that the drug store chain was modifying or disabling its NFC readers, preventing access to Apple Pay (and other systems, like Google Wallet and wireless carrier-backed SoftCard, which also depend on the contact-less technology). A representative later confirmed the news to iMore. Today, CVS followed suit and shut out Apple Pay, according to reports. Both will support CurrentC on launch next year.

In other words, retailers are mad that the NFC systems they already installed are actually being used by people with Apple Pay compatible devices. If Apple Pay continues to be successful, it'll cut out their ability to shove their own, shittier solutions down people's throats.

This isn't even the worst part of this. Take a look at CurrentC, the system they want to replace the NFC readers with:

The app, when it launches next year, won’t replace your plastic credit card. Instead, it will withdraw directly from your checking account when you pay at the cash register with a QR code displayed on your Android or iOS device.

Fucking QR codes, on a third party app that you link your bank account information to. QR codes are one of the worst trends of the mobile device era, and this sounds so horrible insecure, you gotta wonder what is going on the heads of the people that make these decisions.

I imagine board room conversations in these situations go a little something like this:

Executive A: Hey, we know we're fucking idiots, but does the world know?

Executive B: I just don't know, but I think we should make it abundantly clear.

Executive A: What if we made it harder for our customers to spend money at our stores, and replace a very simple and secure system with something vulnerable, cumbersome, and horribly stupid?

Executive B: I think we're on to something here.