What is No Octothorpe?

Aspirationally: “Commentary with imagination.” A place to channel the creative musings about a variety of topics (Apple, video games, movies, tech, you name it).

Realistically: Nearly-abandoned website by this guy:

Bearded man holding wooden duck. Digital photograph ca. 2016.

Bearded man holding wooden duck. Digital photograph ca. 2016.

G. Keenan Schneider

Cunning wit. Undeniable charm. Boyish good looks for a man with such an elegant beard. These are just a couple of phrases he has used to describe himself in the presence of others, desperately hoping someone will nod their head in agreement.

Sadly, none have yet to do so.

A lifelong geek, an okay writer, and what some would surely classify as an Apple apologist, Keenan puts words on No Octothorpe when inspiration strikes. Typically one or two whole pieces every year. You can’t buy that type of consistency.

And if written words ain't your thing, he’ll also speak them at you. He hosts the following podcasts:

This Much Love! with his partner, Katy Harth. Their mission is to spread happiness by gushing about the things that bring them joy. It’s nice.

Accidental Podcast Podcast with Klein Maetschke and Nate Boateng. A periodically-released candid conversation between three Internet friends. It’s sometimes heartfelt and frequently silly. Probably not for everyone.

One time, someone other than him described his voice as a chocolate milkshake for your ears. So there's that.

Contact procedures:

If he strikes you as a reasonably funny and/or pathetic human being, you may really enjoy/the opposite of enjoy his reasonably funny and/or pathetic tweets. It's okay to @mention/follow him. No hashtags please.

Feel compelled to reach out via email? It is entirely possible he will respond. It's also entirely possible that he will not. He is a free spirit, a leaf on the wind, an uncaged pterodactyl flapping his mighty wings about in a frantic manner not conducive at all to actual flight because why the hell am I suddenly a pterodactyl?!