You know. This thing: #. The one you kids are always putting in front of the word "selfie" and "blessed."

"Octothorpe" is one of many variations of the term coined for the "hashtag", the "pound sign," the "sharp," the "number sign." It's a quirky relic of the past when people were bored enough to make up facetious names for symbols.

And people are terrible with them. They precede entire phrases. They've infiltrated television shows. Each Instagram photo is peppered with them. A clever way to tag constantly fleeting content in the world of social media is used and abused. Hipsters flaunt them ironically, and politicians inject them into their 140 character rhetoric. This is no way for an octothorpe to live.



G. Keenan Schneider

 Exhibit A: Keenan holding a wooden duck.

Exhibit A: Keenan holding a wooden duck.

Cunning wit. Undeniable charm. Boyish good looks for a man with such an elegant beard. These are just a couple of phrases he has used to describe himself in the presence of others, desperately hoping someone will nod their head in agreement.

Sadly, none have yet to do so.

Born and raised in the Chicago area (read: an hour west in some suburb somewhere), Keenan now resides in actual Chicago (read: about an hour commute on the L to the Loop).

A lifelong geek, an okay writer, and what some will surely call an Apple apologist, Keenan decided to channel his commentary on the things in which he's interested into a site he now calls No Octothorpe. If you're here, you should probably know this by now.

If words ain't your thing, he currently hosts Accidental Podcast Podcast with Klein Maetschke. A weekly candid conversation between two relative strangers.

One time, someone other than him described his voice as a chocolate milkshake for your ears. So there's that.

Contact procedures:

If he strikes you as a reasonably funny and/or pathetic human being, you may really enjoy/the opposite of enjoy his reasonably funny and/or pathetic tweets. It's okay to @mention/follow him. No hashtags please.

Feel compelled to reach out via email? It is entirely possible he will respond. It's also entirely possible that he will not. He is a free spirit, a leaf on the wind, an uncaged pterodactyl flapping his mighty wings about in a frantic manner not conducive at all to actual flight because why the hell am I suddenly a pterodactyl?!